African Cheetah Cub Versus Jack Russell Terrier

“Volunteering at Cheetah Experience, watched an entertaining battle between Kinji, an eight month Cheetah Cub and Chloe, a low tolerance female Jack Russell Terrier. It's non aggressive, at least from Kinji's standpoint, he just wants to play and teases Chloe, but Chloe takes it more serious, even pinching his lips many times. This goes on every week.

Kinji is one of the most adorable Cheetahs cubs I've had the pleasure to encounter and interact with. He does bite WAY to hard at times but I love his attitude. He tries and succeeds in making friends with ALL the animals within his reach. He's befriended other larger Cheetah cubs, baby Cheetah cubs, Anatolian Sheppard dog, several adult Cheetahs, meerkats, and even a leopard. It's just Chloe and another smaller dog he just can't seem to win over. So he just teases them. He's fast enough to escape their wrath… most of the time.

I have another fascinating video of Kinji coming later. He is actually very bright and playful. There is a toy box outside where all the toys are stored. A large wooden box. Kinji knows the sound of the lid closing and will come running to pick out one of his toys from the box… himself! He clambers inside and scoops out a different toy each time. The only problem is he won't put them back. We have too. I captured the event and recorded it several times to show you. It's really cute.

Kinji is an adorable Cheetah cub but surprisingly, he does not purr much. I only heard him purr a few times in the weeks I spent there. The Meerkats, food, and occasionally toys make him purr. At the end of this video, you can here his nearly inaudible purr. I'm laying down with him with one of his toys he picked out from the cat toy box and he purrs.”

~Dolph C. Volker