12 Of The Cutest JRTs Before & Now…

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Time flies quickly as a pup-parent and you may not notice how fast your JRT will grow right in front of you! Here are 12 of our favorite JRTs before & now pictures that will melt your heart…

Dexter and his adorable ears at 8 weeks & now 8 months!

Monty at 8 weeks & now 3 years – his face changed colors!

Cricket looking cute as ever at 8 weeks & now 11 months

Theo at 9 weeks & still using those puppy eyes now at 2 years!

Pip at 8 weeks & still looking adorable now at 14 years!

Bean doing the same pose at 1 month & now 3 months!

Adorable little Finch at 8 weeks & now four months

Two for one! Tessa & Lucy at 8 weeks & now 6 years!

Wally on the day he was born & now at 2 years!

Halee strutting her stuff at 3 months & now at 2 years!

Zobee has the sweetest face at 4 months & now at 3 years

Vino Opus – loving those floppy ears at 9 weeks & now 2 years!

Thank you to all the JRT parents who submitted these photos via Facebook!

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