12 Photos That Prove Dogs Can (And Will) Sleep Anywhere

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If you own a dog, you know that they will usually sleep anywhere and everywhere they can, especially on you! Here are 12 of our favorite pics of where these JRTs chose to sleep.

1. “Oh you didn’t need to get to this laundry did you?”

2. “Just gonna rest my eyes while I watch over my tiny human…”

3. That can’t be comfortable!

4. Hey… where’d you go?

5. It’s always nice to catch a snooze outside.

6. “My human keeps me nice and warm!”

7. “We will get as close to you as we can!”

8. Looks like this one fell asleep while stuck!

9. “You are so comfy!”

10. That can’t feel too good on your neck…

11. “This blanket is mine now, too!”

12. You might fall off… but as long as you’re comfy?

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