20+ Jumpin’ Jacks Catching Some Air

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Did you know that the Jack Russell Terrier can jump up to five times its own height? That means even your cute little shorty Jack can leap around five feet into the air. And if you have one of the taller varieties, well, you’d better have a good, tall fence to go with it.

They jump for sport, they jump to escape, they jump for food, and they’ll jump for a toy. One thing we can all agree on, though, there’s nothing like a jumping jack jumping for joy.

Here are some of our favorite jumping jacks.

Too Cool for the Pool

This Jack loves to jump in the pool. And it looks like they’ve been in a few times already!

Seafaring Jack

Charlie likes to vault over the waves. Do you see something down there, Charlie?


A classic shot of a shorty jumping for a ball. Do you think they’ll get it?

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane!

This Jack doesn’t look like they’re jumping — it looks like they’re flying! With a Jack Russell Terrier, it’s an easy mistake to make.

Check Out Those Dance Moves!

If this isn’t the next dance craze, it should be!

A Real Swinger

This Jack Russell combines an amazing jump with another fun activity.

Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Even Pond

Shall stay this terrier from its appointed task…getting the ball!

The Flying Lady

Yuna doesn’t run — she jumps horizontally!

All Aboard the Pupper Express

This little pupper is catching some air!

Coming Through the Rye

When it comes to moving through grass three times taller than you are, jumping is the most efficient way to do it.

Desert Dawgs

Check out these two, leaping across the dunes.

Climbing Practice

For some Jacks, jumping and climbing go together. What’s on the other side of that fence?

What’s Up There?

When it comes to surfing counters waaaaay out of one’s reach, those jumping skills sure do come in handy!

How High?

Laki is about to catch some air. How high will Laki go?

Snow Jumper

A ball is a ball is a ball. And Mila is as happy to jump for a snowball as she is to jump for any other kind of ball.

Indoor Fun

Will this Jack get the balloon? If you and your Jack are stuck indoors, this might make for a fun few minutes for both of you.

Making a Cool Splash

Rusty from South Africa likes to jump in the pool. Hey, with summer temps like that, who wouldn’t?

Three for All

What’s better than one jumping Jack? How about three of them?

Beach Jumper

Teo from Italy looks like he might be trying out for the national beach volleyball team. Nose up, Teo!

And He’s Off Again!

Milo and Freddy are jumping for sticks.

That Sure Is a Popular Name!

Here’s another Milo, bounding after…a squirrel, perhaps?

Get it!!!!

This wire-coated Jack thinks the best way to get those streams of water is to jump on them. Is it working?

Bounding Over the Dunes

Becky loves to cover the dunes in leaps and bounds. That sure looks like fun, Becky!

Frisbee Champ in the Making

Looks like Goose has the making of an A #1 frisbee dog. Check out that air!

Flying Over the Fields

Why just run when you can fly?

Excuse Me While I Kiss the Sky

Or, rather, catch the rain. In the air. Before it hits the ground.

Is Your Jack a Jumping Jack?

How high have you seen your Jack jump? What do they like to jump for? And what was their most impressive jump ever? We’d love to hear about it!

Featured Image CC SA BY 3.0 by Steve 65 via Wikimedia Commons

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