6 Signs You’re Ready For A Dog

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Considering getting a dog for the first time? Considering rescuing a dog that you don’t know the behaviors of? Here is a list of some signs you should show in yourself before you decide to get your first dog!

1. Have you been doing your research?

If you are the kind of person that has to do endless back checks when deciding something new, you are probably the same when it comes to deciding wether or not to adopt/buy a new dog. Also talking to people who have gone through the same process or who have dogs is a good way to answer any questions you may have. A great way to understand what you’re getting into is by asking other people who have been there!

2. Be ready to getting up early all the time

If you are used to a schedule that involves getting up early, then are more likely to get used to a puppy’s schedule which usually includes a lot of early mornings or spontaneous wake-ups during the night. If you’re ready to handle a schedule like this, then you might be ready to handle a puppy!

3. You have extra time on your hands

If you find yourself having excess time on your hands then it might be the right time for you to start the adopting process. If you are living alone, have a new job with new hours, or simply find yourself having excess time on your hands then it may be the best time for you to begin this journey!

4. You’re ready to learn new things

Getting a new dog not only means more responsibility, but it also means new life lessons for you and your pup! You will start to learn a whole new body language, set of sounds, and reactions to behaviors that you’re not used to! For example, dogs whine/pant more when they are stressed. Also, dogs can shake as a reaction to a stressful situation, or if they are scared. You will start to learn your dogs behavior the longer you have them.

5. You have extra cash to spend

A new dog will automatically mean more money because of new necessary supplies including toys, food, clothes, and more. This also includes expenses such as vet bills for vaccinations, spaying, or any other procedures your dog may require.

6. You’ve had a family conversation about pet responsibility

If your decision to be a pet owner is a family decision, then you should consult with your family first! If the decision is yours only, then you should also know that you are ready to  be a responsible pet owner. If you have children, be sure to establish the roles they will play with their new pet.

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