7 Easy Hacks To Stop Leash Pulling

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Do you ever want to just go on a nice walk but your dog will not stop pulling you? Here are some tips that can make walking your dog a bit easier.

1. Calm down before you go out

Some dogs freak out as soon as you put a leash on them, whether it’s from excitement or they are not too happy about it. They will take this energy with them as soon as they go outside and start pulling on the leash. You should try to calm them down before going outside by pulling on the leash and making them wait a little bit.

2. Practice inside

When you are inside you can practice with you dog by teaching them to stay by your side. You can also practice going through the doors first. This is teaching them who is in charge and will help lessen the leash pulling.

3. No pull harness

If the no leash pulling is not going so well you can try a no pull harness. It is a great starting point and it’s great for them to learn with. This will also lessen the harshness from pulling on the leash.

4. Stop when it begins

This can be the most time consuming step. Every time your dog pulls on the leash you should stop. Stand there until they loosen up on the leash, praise your dog, and then continue walking.

5. Reverse direction

You can also change directions every time your dog pulls on the leash. The trick is to do it without yanking on the leash.

6. Wear them out

They pull less at the end of their walk or after they just played. Play a little or a lot with your dog before taking them on a walk. Combine it with step one, where you let your dog calm down so you have an easier walk.

7. No rewards

The reason they are pulling is because they want to get somewhere. You should never let them get to their destination without stopping them if they are pulling. When they stop pulling you should praise them immediately.

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