8 Guaranteed Ways To Keep Your Dog Healthy & Happy

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Since dogs and humans can’t easily communicate, it may not be that easy to know if you are providing your dog with the best life that they can have. Refer to these few steps to ease your mind and ensure you are doing everything you can to boost to your dogs health and happiness.

1. Maintain A Healthy Weight

Keep your pups weight regulated to ensure that they are as healthy as they can be. This can be done through a variety of ways, but the most common are diet and exercise – just like humans!

2. Proper Nutrition

Be sure to feed your pup a balanced and nutritious diet. Different dog breeds require different diets, so getting your vets recommendation is always a good idea. Balancing this along with regular exercise is a good way to maintain their healthy weight.

3. Lots Of Exercise

Regular exercise is important for any type of dog, especially an energetic breed like the JRT. How much exercise they get and how long it occurs for should be regulated. Switching up their normal routines is also a good idea to prevent them from getting bored.

4. Provide Mental Stimulation

Keeping your dogs entertained requires more than just exercise and toys. Teaching them new tricks, taking them to new places, or even introducing them to new people or other pets can be a great way to stimulate them with something new and exciting.

5. Regular Vet Visits

Taking your pup to the vet regularly is the best way to ensure their safety and health. Your vet can recommend like the right type of food, teach you to administer medication, and answer almost any question you may have when it comes to your dog.

6. Spay/Neuter All Pets

It has been shown that there is in an overpopulation issue in domesticated pets like cats and dogs. When there is an overpopulation of these pets, that means there are more that are in shelters that need a home. If you get your dog spayed/neutered, you are preventing any of their potential babies from having to experience this.

7. Get Them Vaccinated

Vaccinations are important for pets and humans! By getting your dog vaccinated, you are preventing life threatening diseases not only in your own dog, but in any others they may come in close contact with.

8. Lots Of Love & Affection

Just like us humans – dogs love being loved! Showing your appreciation and affection for your dog regularly, even if they are not always on their best behavior, ensures that they can trust you no matter what.

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