A Dog Mom is a Real Mom: 5 Truths That Show How

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Every mom is a real mom, whether you have fur babies, skin babies, or both. And if anyone doesn’t believe that? Show them this.

You Have to Break Up Squabbles

Even the most easygoing pets are bound to get on each other’s nerves from time to time. But anyone who owns a Jack Russell knows that “easygoing” isn’t a word a lot of people use to describe their Jack.

Squabbles and disagreements are inevitable between family members. And it doesn’t matter if those family members have two legs, four legs, or even more legs. As Mom, it’s your job to sort those squabbles out, send everyone to their corner — or crate — and make sure everyone makes up in the end. You have to treat any boo-boos that might result, and figure out how to keep the fight from happening again.

And that’s the mark of a real mom.

You Teach Them Right From Wrong

A trained dog will behave when Mom is looking. A well-trained dog will keep up standards even when you’re not.

Is there anything more parental than teaching your baby right from wrong, and teaching those lessons well enough that they’ll do it even when you’re out of the house?

No, there is not. So good for you, Mom.

You Spoil Them Rotten

Well, maybe not rotten. But pet parents spend thousands of dollars every year on their dogs. And why shouldn’t they? Our babies deserve the best!

If you generally do your best, but can’t resist indulging your little furry face when they turn those soulful eyes on you? Hate to break it to you. You’re a mom.

You Can’t Go to the Bathroom Alone

Does your dog get up every time you do? Does he or she follow you into the kitchen, the office or…you know? If you can’t do your business without a canine helper, or at least a nose snuffling under the door, then congratulations. You’re a real mom.

Every Day is a New Adventure

Life with kids — and that includes fur kids — is never dull. And it’s rarely predictable, either.

As a mom, you can never know what’s around the next corner. As a fur mom, you can be sure that it will probably include walkies. And as the mom of a Jack Russell, there will likely be clowning and hijinks as well.

If every day with your baby is a new adventure, you’re a mom in every sense of the word.

Love Makes a Family

Love makes a family, and whatever the composition of that family, love makes it real.

Tell us about your bunch!

Featured Image: CCO by Ulrike Mai, via Pixabay

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