Always Keep Track of Your Pet

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Never want to lose your loving pup… here are some reasons as to why you should microchip your dog!

What is microchipping?

The size of the chip itself is as big as a grain rice. The chip is implanted into the scruff of your dog’s neck causing no pain at all. The chip ranges from $25 to $50 depending on you vet. If a dog is found and brought to the vet, they will scan the chip and the information will show who this dog belongs to and how to get ahold of their owners.

Is it safe for your dog?

It is safer than any other type of identification. A dog might lose their collar that has tags on it and then there is no way to who that dog belongs to. If someone were to take your dog and keep it as their own, you have proof that pup is yours! Also if your dog does make it back by themselves they have a sensor that can let the door open for your dog.

What are the benefits of microchipping?

Some communities are trying to make it mandatory to microchip your dog. Sadly, if a dog is abandoned they can track it back to the owner and decide if they want to keep it or not and can take the dog somewhere safe instead of just leaving it somewhere. This way it would avoid fines or jail times for those people and the dog would have someone to care for it. Specialists are always available to scan the chip to find out who tat dog belongs to. The chip is a long term identification. You wouldn’t have to keep replacing the chip once it is implanted unlike dog tags or collars.

Microchipping will also reduce the amount of dog fighting. These people who do this horrible crime can be caught easily and the dog’s can be taken from these owners. They train these poor dogs to do violent acts and then just leave them when they don’t win or get hurt.

Please, Microchip your dog!!

As a dog lover, you always want to know where your dog is and microchipping will make sure that if you dog does get lost, it will be found and retuned to its owner. If you don’t microchip your dog their is a high chance that you will regret it!  It’s just not worth the pain of losing them. 



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