Best JRT Middle Names: Part 2

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Just because we can’t get enough of these great names… let’s enjoy some more! Part 2 of our favorite JRT middle names starts here.

“Nigel Wellington Duke of Darnley (goes by Darnley)”

“Sugar Baby….because she is!”

“Ezekiel Rasta and we call him Zeeka!”

Such a sweet photo of these two, Jackson Eugene & Reuben Bernard!

Perfect names for two cuties! Meet Tilly May & Ruby Jane.

The force is strong with this one… meet Luke Skywalker!

Introducing… Hope Lularue!

“Trouble is my boys middle name…”

A classic name for this pup – Charlie Brown!

Tanner Tucker and his cute little bowtie!

Wendy Sue has the most adorable puppy eyes!

A black and white cutie… Spot Maldoon!

This pretty girls’ name is Miley Moo!

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