Brothers From Another Mother

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Sometimes JRT’s are known to be very protective of who they let into their personal territory.  Sometimes there are JRT’s who truly just want to love who they are with.  Do you have a Jack Russell Terrier who loves his or his sibling?  We love to see unlikely friendships and/or sibling love.  Take a look at these top rated pictures submitted by you on our Facebook page.


“We stick together through thick and thin.”





Ella and Dexter are holding paws. 



Here are Chico and Ciro sharing some sun.



“Snuggle buddies!”



The gang is all here!



Peppi and Topi (the cat) just hanging out.



“On the farm, we are all family.”



A big “hello” from Bruce and his feline companion.



“Rabbit?  I don’t see a rabbit?”



Here are Scooby and Laila being cute.



“We are a match made in Heaven.”



“We stick together!”



“We hope you woke us up for good reason.”



“I’ve got your back, buddy”



Twins celebrating Thanksgiving.







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