Do Dogs Really See In Black & White?

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It has been said that dogs only see in black and white, and can’t see the colors that we humans can – but is this really true? Here’s what we found.

It’s a myth!

Scientists and veterinarians used to believe that dogs only saw in black and white. Studies done more recently have proven that dogs only have about 20% of the part of the eye that controls the way we see color. So, dogs actually do see some color, but it is not nearly as vivid or bright as a humans perception.

So, what colors can they see?

Dogs can’t exactly take eye tests like humans can, but scientists have used behavioral tests to determine what colors they can see. Yellow, blue, and gray are the the colors dogs were most able to recognize. Red, however, was the hardest for them to recognize. They see red more like black or dark brown.

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