Five Things JRT Owners Have Learned To Accept

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No two dogs are exactly alike, but similar breeds share similar traits! JRTs are no exception to this. Here are five things about the JRT that owner’s have learned to accept about their furry friends!

1. Endless energy

JRTs are known for being energetic and an owner of a JRT can tell you this is completely true! They love to do anything that involves running, chasing, or hunting, and will always keep you on your toes wondering what they’re going to run after next!

2. Hair… everywhere!

Anyone that owns a JRT knows that they shed… a lot! If you are considering one, expect to be cleaning hair off everything all the time. Typically, the shorter the hair of the JRT, the more it will shed. Shedding may also get worse as the seasons change.

3. Nothing is sacred

The boundless energy of JRTs means that they are very likely to get themselves into something they shouldn’t. Wether it be a destroyed pillow, toy, or even carpet, JRTs certainly teach their owners that nothing is sacred anymore!

4. Barking, barking, and more barking!

Being vocal is the way JRTs alert their owners to trouble – or at least they think. To a JRT, trouble could look like a squirrel running across the yard, or a mailman delivering something. They may be loud, but they do have your best interests at heart!

5. You’ll never be alone again!

While JRTs may be energetic, curious, loud, and potentially troublemaking, they are also loving and loyal. If you own a JRT, you know you have a best friend for life. They will always be by your side – even at times that maybe are not convenient. Love them hard, and they will love you back even harder!

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