Jacks Topping the Charts

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We all know that Jacks are tops. And we have the lists to prove it!

Every dog is good at something, and, it turns out, Jack Russell Terriers are great at a lot of things. But what are those things?

We’ve scoured the internet to find every list where the Jack Russell Terrier has made its mark. Even still, you can probably find a few “bests” we’ve missed. And we’d love it if you’d tell us in the comments!

But, now, on to the lists.

Are you ready?

Let’s go!


Well, you saw this coming. Of course you did!

Agility is a dog sport that involves racing through a dog-sized obstacle course. It takes smarts — you have to know the order in which to do the obstacles, and how each one works. You also have to be fast and, well, agile. And the plucky JRT has all of these qualities in spades.

Check out Masi on her agility course (and see how her handler uses a toy and snacks to motivate her.

It’s no wonder that Petful ranks the zippy Jack Russell as the #2 dog in all the world for agility, in its list of Top 10 Dogs for Agility.

Think your Jack might like agility training? You can find classes almost anywhere. It’s very popular, and you can do it competitively, or just for fun

And agility isn’t the only sport that Jacks excel at.

Best Dogs for Sports Overall

Jack Russell Terriers are often described as “athletic.” They’re made to run in short, fast bursts, and can reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. That’s traffic speed in a residential neighborhood, by the way. They can also turn on a dime. And if they’re going after a ball or Frisbee, they can catch some serious air. With their boundless energy, they excel at all types of sports.

Have a look at these talented Frisbee Jacks!

It’s no surprise that Dogs 4 Homes ranks the Jack Russell Terrier among its Best Dogs for Sports overall.

But the Jack is more than just a Jock.

Best Watchdog

What? How can a small dog make a good watchdog?

Well, the job of a watchdog is not to attack or scare away an intruder — though the fearless Jack Russell might do those things, too. A watchdog keeps an eye, an ear, and a nose out for trouble, then alerts his or her owner with a bark.

And the eagle-eyed, sharp-eared, sensitive-nosed, ever-so-vocal Jack can do all these things and more. If you have a Jack, you can probably dispense with a burglar alarm — as well as all of those other alarms you have set up for delivery people, postal workers, sales reps, and passing bicycles.

Dog Breeds Lists ranks the JRT among its Best Watchdog Breeds. Also, when it comes to Best Small Watchdog Breeds, Vet Street puts the Jack Russell Terrier at, no surprise, numero uno.

Best Dog for an Aries to Own

Now, I don’t know if you put any stock in astrology, but, according to two different lists ( MSN and Sweety High.com), if you were born in the sign of Aries (March 20 to April 21) then the Jack Russell is the dog for you.

Aries people are known to be clever and energetic. What’s more, they often enjoy a spirited argument, and don’t back down from a fight. Does that sound like anyhound you know?

Best Dog for Country Living

Many breed descriptions of the Jack Russell Terrier state that, despite its diminutive size, the Jack is not an ideal apartment dog.

A Jack is, however, a fantastic dog for country living. If you love the great outdoors, the hardy, energetic, adventurous JRT will make an excellent companion.

Check out this pair of working Jacks, fearlessly moving cattle from one pen to another. What a life for a dog!

Clever, confident, alert — if you have a farm, your Jack will keep it vermin-free. And country life will give these scrappy terriers all the opportunities they could ever want to dig, roughhouse, chase, bark, and do all of those other doggy things that city dogs miss out on.

Top Dog Tips ranks the JRT among its top 20 Best Dogs for Country Living, and it’s easy to see why.

Most Loved Fictional Dogs

Last, but certainly not least, can you name five fictional dogs that you’ve loved? Wishbone? Eddie? Milo? Uggie? Can you think of anything they have in common?

That’s right.

Well, the JRT is a natural for showbiz, with its intelligence, energy, charm, and good looks. So how can anyone be surprised that not just one but two Jack Russells made Entertainment Weekly’s list of the 30 Best Dogs from TV, Movies, and Books?

Jacks Really Are the Best!

They’re the top of the tops, and the cream of the crops. No wonder the Jack Russell Terrier is one of the world’s most beloved dogs!

Featured Image CC SA 3.0 by Ria, via Wikimedia Commons

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