JRT’s Being Little Thieves

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Dogs tend to love to put things in their mouths, whether it be a tennis ball or even a stick. And when they don’t have anything to put in their mouth, they will become little thieves, and try and get their paws on whatever they can.

These pictures of them caught in the act are just way too cute! Take a look for yourself!

Maggie doesn’t want to give up her new toy-a slipper!

“Oh I’m sorry, was this your favorite scrunchie?” 

“I’m sorry, these are my glasses now!”

Scout apparently likes to steal mommy’s side of the bed when she moves!

Dozer and Roxy planning to steal the deliciousness on the grill!

“Wait, this was your coaster that I just destroyed? Oops!”

Rocky trying to be sneaky while stealing some goodies!

Max stole himself a teddy bear, and I don’t think he’s gonna be giving it up anytime soon!

Jack is pretty happy with his new steal!

“You mean it WAS your ball. It’s mine now!”

“Mom look at what I have!”

Dog’s favorite thing, shoes!

“I don’t think so! It’s my ball now!”

Dolly isn’t going anywhere without her new stick!

This precious pup stole some beautiful flowers for her momma! The sweetest of thieves! 

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