JRT’s Having Some Fun In The Snow

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Snow can be very fun to play in, especially for our JRT friends! They love to be outside and run around, and it seems as if the snow makes that more enjoyable for them! And watching them have such a wonderful time in the snow is pretty enjoyable for us as well!

So here are some pictures of our furry friends enjoying their time outside in a winter wonderland! Enjoy!


This pup is jumping for joy cause of the snow!


Max is looking too cute in the fluffy white snow!


“Alright, I’m ready to come inside now!”


Luna enjoying the cold snow on her face!


The snow is almost too high for Buddy! How cute!


“Just a few more minutes outside? Please?”


Rocky running around having the time of his life!


“You didn’t tell us that the snow would be so cold!”


Rasa looking picture perfect!


“But I don’t want to go inside yet!”


Look at Maggie being such a good girl!


These two best buds are having so much fun in the snow!


Haden is too precious!


Just two friends having a good time!


Louie trying to get over the snow bank! How adorable!


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