JRT’s Owners Words of Wisdom To Teach Us A Thing Or Two.

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Here are a few words of wisdom from Jack Russel Terrior owners. We sure do love this breed!

1. “She is head of the house in a good way! She is loving, loyal, and protective!”

2. “Be ready for a lifetime of memories, years go by too fast with them!”

3. “Hide or put away all things valuable”

4. “Most loyal, busy, trusting, and stubborn bundles of fun! They will love you fiercely as they defend you!”

5. “Endless love, and it takes patience you never knew you had”

6. “The antics and personality of a JRT is priceless, constantly challenged, and amusing!”

7. “Be careful….. I started with 1 and now I have five! Most loyal dogs ever!!”

8. “She’s 10 and can still catch and kill a squirrel. I will always have a JRT!”

9. “I could have picked a thousand other dogs, but JRT’s are just amazing in so many ways!”

10. “JRT’s require a lot of love and care, very cute and sensitive and can’t live without them!”

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