JRT’s Starting The New Year Right In Their Beds

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Everyone loves to have a comfy bed to sleep in, and our furry JRT friends are no exception. They love to sleep, and will practically sleep anywhere. But their favorite place to take a snooze? Their little doggy beds.

So take a look for yourself and enjoy these little guys taking a snooze, we know we did!

All cuddled up in his favorite bed

This JRT is on “Do Not Disturb” mode

This little guy is sleeping on the edge!

“I’m sleeping, leave me alone!”

Someone had a “ruff” day!

Looks like Bella fell asleep during playtime!

These guys played a little too hard and wore themselves out!

This JRT is keeping himself warm inside his igloo!

Lucky begging for a bone from his comfy bed!

Romeo dreaming about Juliet!

Sunny sleeping sunny-side up!

Cody was ready for bed before his parents!

This little JRT doesn’t like it when nap-time is over!

Meg couldn’t keep herself awake any longer!

Hogan couldn’t even make it to his bed!

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