Our JRT Neighborhood Watchdogs

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We all know that our JRT friends think they are so tough, and it’s true, they really are. But it is pretty comical how tough they really think they are when standing by or watching from a window. They act like they are protecting their neighborhood and house, and maybe they are. But they are still adorable while doing so, with their tough guy demeanor.

So enjoy these pics of our “tough” neighborhood watchdogs!


These tough guys are making sure no one is breaking into their comfy home!


Because this neighborhood needs not one, not two, but THREE watchdogs to keep them safe!


“Is there trouble here?”


Jimmy is laying down on the job!


“I heard something! Did you? Cause I did!”


Charlie and Sissy make the perfect watchdog team!


“If that squirrel doesn’t leave, I’m gonna have to go after him!”


Mozart looking adorable while keeping his neighborhood safe!


Max checking to make sure there are no troublemakers outside!


“Did you hear that?”


Looks like these pups are covering all their grounds!


“All looks good here, my work is about done!”


“Everything looks a-okay here!”


Early morning patrol for this cutie!


“Did you see that, over there? Look it’s right there!”


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