Owners And JRT’s Taking The Cutest Selfies

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Who doesn’t love an adorable selfie between of an owner and their pet? We sure do! And what makes them even cuter? When the pet is a JRT!

Here are a few of the best owner and fur baby selfies! Enjoy!


“Say Cheese!”


“Road trip selfie!”


“Listen, we need to talk…”


“We are looking too cool for school!”


Minnie looking adorable with her lovely owner!


Nikki and her mom! How sweet!


“Wait, I can see myself! This is so cool!”


Kelsie is too precious!


How cute is this!


Outdoor selfie!


Such an adorable picture!




These two look ready for a fun day out!”


Sunny day selfie!


“We ARE going to the dog park. This is nonnegotiable.”

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