Jack Russel Puppies

Jack Russel Puppies having fun :) Jack Russel Puppies from Puppyjack.be on Vimeo.

Meet MJ: The World’s Cutest Puppy

MJ is a Jack Russell Terrier. So adorable! :) Meet MJ: The World's Cutest Puppy (MacBook Air Ad Parody) from Unten44 on Vimeo.

Lenny the Jack Russell Terrier

Meet this wild Jack Russell Lenny :) Lenny from Kevin Kenna on Vimeo.

Jack Russell Terrier on a skateboard

Amazing skateboarding Jack Russell named JoJo does jumps, spins, and rails like a pro! Jack Russell Terrier on a skateboard from BD.Voina.ru on Vimeo.

Jack Russell Terrier Jump!

This Jack Russell Terrier has an unlimited supply of energy. Watch this video! :) Jump! from Unten44 on Vimeo.

Scout the Jack Russell Terrier

Cute Jack Russell Terrier loves to play! Scout the Jack Russell Terrier from Video Producer Celia Dyer on Vimeo.

Jack Russell Terrier Puppies

A video of Russell Terrier Angel's litter at Rancho Rivera. Filmed on May 13, 2009. Russell Terrier Puppies: Angel's Litter from Daniel Rivera on...

Jack Russell Terrier “Dotty” doing new tricks

Newly rescued Jack Russell doing her new Tricks :)

Vacuuming with a Parson Jack Russell terrier!

"When you have a Jack Russell, your life is never the same! This is what vacuuming is like around our house with Maggie on...

No more Employee : A Jack Russell can Do It!

If you are tired, just ask your dog to do the job for you... :)

Mickey – Jack Russell Terrier doing more tricks

Watch Mickey the JRT doing more amazing tricks! :)