JRT playing with the cat

Watch this video of this cute jrt trying to play with the cat! :)

Jack Russell helping out with homework

Family dog helping out with homework. :)

Jack Russell Terrier likes to go fishing

"Here's Boomer, my parents Jack Russell Terrier. He is very active and likes going on the boat, and here he is barking at the...

Mickey the JRT doing tricks

A clip of Mickey the jack russell terrier performing pet tricks such as sit, spin, speak. He's really smart. :)

Jack russell puppy barking at cat

"Bonnie the 7 week old jack russell barking at my cat Romance...and yes she ripped the wallpaper in my hallway (nawty dog) lol"

Toby the Tree Climbing Jack Russell

Toby the Jack Russell Terrier climbs his favorite tree. :)

Jack Russell Agility training

Some agility training and goofing around at Jump'n Java center in Redwood City, CA.

Dexter, crazy little JRT

Jack Rusell Terrier Dexter is CrAzy!! Dexter (aka wierdo, D Dot in the T dot) Dexter tours downtown Toronto, gets the snip, displays love...

Jack Russell asking to be scratched

This Jack Russell Terrier is asking to be scratched! Watch this video :)

Bengal Cat Attacks Jack Russell Terrier

Niko Bengal Kitten Attacks Max the JRT

A Dreaming Jack Russell

"I wonder what Jackie is dreaming about.. must be all the cats around the house that she's been chasing all day..."