Jack Russell Terrier and Irish Wolfhound playing

Jack Russell Terrier "Masi" playing with his friend Irish Wolfhound "Remu". :)

Jack Russell popping balloons

Here'e Dexter popping balloons, a little slow at first, but the volley ball bit at the end is worth the wait. :)

Amazing Dog Tricks performed by Jesse!

Amazing Dog Tricks performed by Jesse the JRT!

All About Jack Russell Terrier

Could this energetic little dog be the perfect pet for you? :)

Jack Russell Puppies

Cute Jack Russell puppies! :)

Clever Jack Russell dog plays fetch with himself

Super clever Jack Russell dog plays fetch with himself up and down some steps in London, UK. :)

Anastasia the balloon popping JRT

Anastasia, a Jack Russell Terrier, the Guinness World record balloon popping dog , practices at home for a world record

JRT Useful Dog Tricks 3

Molly the JRT and Megan the Lurcher go for a little...

Megan (Lurcher) and Molly (Jack Russell) go for a little bounce.

All About Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell terriers are buoyant and intelligent, determined and relentless. Watch more in this video! :)

Amazing Frisbee Dog Tricks

This Jack Russell Terrier is just amazing!!! :)

Jack Russell Puppies playing with cat

Watch these 31 days old jack russell terrier puppies fighting the old cat :)