Spots And Dots On JRT’s

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We all look at our lovely JRT’s in admiration of how cute they are. We have studied their faces, their eyes, even their little paws. But have you ever studied their spots or their freckles? Have you counted their numerous spots and dots and freckles? No worries if you haven’t, but try it out sometime, if they sit long enough to allow it! Their dots and freckles are unique, and what makes each individual JRT their own. And it’s so beautiful.

So take a look at these JRT markings-spots, dots and all! We certainly enjoyed these photos and we hope you do too! And feel free to send in some of your own!


1 spot, 2 spots, 3 spots, 4…


1 single spot, just as unique as this pup itself!


Nice glasses…


How precious is this baby and it’s one little spot?


Molly with all of her beautiful freckles!


Cuba and those special spots that we adore so much!


Baby Cooper and this belly freckles!


Squirt has 2 spots…and counting!


Max and his spots are too cute for words!


Baby got SPOTS!


“Where did all of my other spots go?”


Trying to work those spots off!


Baby Sammy and those super duper adorable freckles!


This lil babe has freckles hidden under that white fur and it’s too precious!

Can you count all of the freckles and dots this pup has?


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