Teaching Your Puppy To Recognize Their Name

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If you are getting a new puppy, it may be hard at first to get them to recognize their name – but don’t worry! With patience and some love your dog will recognize and learn to love their name in no time.

Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Repeating your puppies name in the little things you do everyday is a great way to get them to start recognizing their name. Make sure it is during a positive behavior like playing, eating, or holding your pup. The more they hear it, the more they will be accustomed to it!

Have treats & rewards handy

Giving your puppy a treat if they come to you while you’re saying their name is a way of reinforcing their positive association with that word they’ve previously heard. Keep other rewards handy like a bone or toy to keep them interested in learning!

Keep your cool!

Avoid saying your dogs name in anger, especially when they are learning it! You don’t want your pup to associate their name with negativity. When you say their name, try to keep it consistent in a positive tone.

No nicknames… yet!

We often give our dogs nicknames, like we do for other humans! Avoid using nicknames in the beginning because you don’t want to confuse your puppy! As they get older, they will start to recognize different tones and ways you say their name, but when they are learning it should stay consistent.

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