Top 10 “JRT-Proof” Toys Chosen By JRT Owners

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We asked you what your favorite toys are for your JRTs that can withstand such an energetic dog – and here’s what you said!

1. Rubber spiked ball & bone

“This spikey squishy rubbery ball and bone are so great! They seem to be lasting forever! But the soft toy not so!”

2. Soccer balls

“Lucky loves his Nike mini soccer ball. They last a long time.”

3. Kong stuffed animals

“We found one! Izzy loves her little Kong moose. Seven months of daily attempts and no luck with getting the squeaker out”

4. Frisbee

“Chuck it frisbee is Maisey’s favorite.”

5. Rubber balls

“Roxy was only allowed to have a rubber ball!”

6. Rubber Kong

“Only that toy [lasts], it’s an old Kong!”

7. Stuffed monkey

“This monkey has lasted far longer than any previous toys. Ok he’s not looking THAT well but he’s still recognizable as a monkey so that’s pretty impressive in my book! 😂”

8. Michiko brand rubber toys

” Michiko brand toys are the most JRT-proof toys we have.”

9. Rope/tug toy

“This hunk of rope is indestructible. Scout has had hers for over two years.”

10. Rubber frisbee

“West paw design zogo flex. Only thing that will hold up to mine!”

Thank you to all wonderful owners who submitted pictures and captions via Facebook!

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