10 Apps For Dog Owners That Will Make You Feel Smart And Responsible

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When it comes to training, health, maintenance, shopping, and fun – here are a list of the top ten iPhone apps you never knew you needed for your dog! 

Pet First Aid: American Red Cross

Veterinary advice for everyday potential emergencies in your hand! Videos, quizzes, advice, and more help you know and learn Pet First Aid. 

Bark Camera

This fun photo app gets your dogs attention with different sounds so you can take great photos of them! You also get the option to add filters, text, stickers, and more. 

Animal Poison: ASPCA

Ever wonder if something is hazardous for your dog or not? Use this app to identify over 300 potential things that could harm your pet and avoid them.

iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

This app allows you to train your dog through simple conditioning. It uses different sounds to reinforce when they do something good and promote that behavior. 

Tractive Dog Walk

Outline the best walks for your dog in your area, and see other users routes too. It also tracks your activity levels and progress, points out popular dog parks in your area, and finds waste dispensers and water fountains.

Walk For A Dog

This app allows you to walk your dog for a good cause! It tracks the distance you run or walk with your dog and donates a specified amount to the pet charity of your choosing. There are over 6,000 options of where you can donate to.


Become your own “professional” dog trainer with this app! It includes step by step instructions on how to train your dog on basic obedience. It can be very helpful in ensuring your pup knows commands!


One of the most popular and trusted apps to find dog walkers for your busy lifestyle! It uses GPS to follow where the walker takes them and even provides lox-boxes for customers so they can leave keys safely.


This delivery app allows you to browse through hundreds of different foods, toys, treats, and other supplies. It also allows you to find foods that are best for your specific dog breed!


Including restaurants, dog parks, and hotels – find pet friendly places in your area that others recommend with this app. It even allows you to post lost dog alerts and rewards.

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