Why Does My Dog Think He Is The Boss?

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Are you not liking how your dog is acting so bossy and you can’t get anything done? There are a few reasons as to why they are like this and how you can fix their behavior.

Some breeds are just more dominant than others and want to be in charge. These dog’s are overconfident and might just need a few adjustments if you are not liking their behavior. Some breeds are more likely to just be more dominant and that is perfectly fine!

You should make rules and follow them strictly so your dog knows who is the “boss.” You should also make sure that everyone in the family makes your dog follow these rules as well. Even if one person does not ensure the rules, it is likely the dog will not follow them. IF your dog seems to be the pushy kind you should not let them sleep with you or even let them on the furniture. They should strictly stick to dog beds or the floor. When playing with your dog on the floor you should make sure they still are following the rules you have places, playing fetch is a good way to get your dog to follow your commands.

Obedience training can help communication between you and your dog. Once you dog has learned several commands they can be used more frequently so they know their place and to follow the rules. For an example, begging for food can be stopped by the sit and lay down command. It is also recommended that your dog does not sit near the dining room table while your family is eating dinner. Whenever you are eating you should not feed your dog the food you’re eating at the same time. This is letting them think it is okay to sit and wait for you to feed them, which is not very acceptable behavior. If you do choose to give them some of your food, it should be given to them once you are done eating and the food should be placed in their dog bowls.

Schedules are important when it comes to dogs. Keeping them on an exercise and feeding schedule can limit their bossiness. Asking should not be on their time, if properly taken care of. Dog’s go through different stages of life and some need to me attentive then others. When giving them treats you should always make them do a trick before so you’re rewarding them for good behavior. When you are taking your dog on a walk it is important to guide them and limit the leash pulling.

Always reward your dog when they do good behavior and most importantly, when they listen and follow through to your commands. If they continue to show this good behavior you can move on to other commands and rules.

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