5 Things To Never Do To Your Dog

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Check out these five things that are not so great when it comes to your doggie!

Do not give dogs table food

You should not give dogs table food because it is oily and fatty, which can lead to severe health problems such as, diarrhea and vomiting. If they are getting table food they should be healthy options like rice and potatoes, which should also be given in moderation.

Do not treat them like humans….(All of the time.)

Your dog has doggie needs and you shouldn’t treat them exactly like humans all of the time. Dogs need to learn who is dominant and who they should listen to. For example, walking out of the door first lets them know that you are taking the lead and that you are the alpha figure. Whenever we try to evaluate canine behavior using human values we are misinterpreting our dog’s emotions and behavioral motives. Your dog does not know when they are ‘wrong’ so when we say they have a guilty face because they did something bad we are actually incorrect because they do not know the difference just as much as their birthday or a holiday.

Don’t ignore dental hygiene

You should never ignore your pups canine hygiene because it can cause severe health problems. Plaque and food that is not removed from you dog’s teeth will create a breeding ground for bacteria. This will cause inflammation and irritation and its most likely that your dog will be suffering. The health problems also consist of tooth loss and the inflammation can move to other parts of their body. To avoid these health issues you should start by giving them the correct foods and giving them chew treats to help lessen the plaque build up.

Don’t skip nail trimming

Nails that are too long can cause your dogs’ feet to get out of alignment and interrupt the flow of energy, cause discomfort, and affect their health. You should trim their nails every 2-3 weeks to keep them healthy, but making sure you’re using the correct tools. When nails are too long and touch the floor they exert force back into the nail bed, creating pain. Long nails can split and crack also causing pain to your sweet dog. When their nails are shorter it also improves their posture.

Don’t “rub their nose in it.”

Never rub your dog’s face in feces or an accident because they will start to fear you. Doing this can also backfire and make the puppy do worse behavior. This will also teach you dog to go to the bathroom out of your sight so you may never know if there was an accident or not. The worst of it all is that your puppy may not trust you after shoving their face in one of their accidents. They will become anxious and try to avoid you. You should keep close attention to your puppy or dog looking for signs that they might have to go to the bathroom. You should always praise your dog when they are done going to the bathroom that way they know they did a good thing and will continue to repeat that process.

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