How To Take Photos of Your Dog

How To Take Photos of Your Dog

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Capturing a good photo of your beloved pet can make a memory that lasts a lifetime. Sometimes it seems impossible to do because of how active dogs can be, however, we are here to give you some tips on taking the perfect photo of your furry friend!


Whether you’re using a professional camera or your cell phone, it is still possible to capture a great photo! When deciding what to use, though, focus on something that has a fast shutter speed that can keep up with an active dog. Remember to try to keep your dog in as much focus as possible when capturing the photo. Many cameras also have a mode for running subjects, like a sports mode, which can be a lot of help for getting great photos of extremely active dogs.


Outdoor lighting has proven to be one of the best for capturing dogs (and people too!), however direct sunlight can sometimes be too much. If you can’t escape the sun, photographing in the shade often works well too. If you are taking the photo indoors, do so without flash and without overhead lighting. Rather, if you have a lamp that you can use as your source of light, point it towards your dog and it will photograph much better.

A great trick when capturing your photo is to follow your dog with the camera as you take the shot. Keep your hands as steady as you can and your picture should come out well, rather than blurry!

Get Their Attention

Some dogs are so active it may be hard to keep them still, and thats okay! Rather than forcing a dog to be in an unnatural setting, following them, playing with them, and getting down onto their level can lead to some great photos. Be sure to take a lot so you have many to choose from when you’re done.

Use whistles and toys to grab their attention while you photograph, and make sure you reward them with treats for doing a good job!


When you’re finished taking your photos, editing can come in handy for making them look the best they can! Edit the brightness and contrast to make them brighter if they are dim, or use a pre-set filter that your camera or phone might already have to make them unique. Also make sure that when editing the colors do not become too unnatural, but focus on making it look as real as possible!


Make sure you have the right equipment for the job, something with a fast shudder or a sports mode. Also, make sure the lighting complements your dog, you don’t want your picture to be too bright or too dim! Get and hold their attention, using treats as rewards is one of the best ways to do so. Finally, edit your photos to give them a nice finishing touch! You don’t have to be a professional to get a great photo of your beloved pet!

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