JRT’s And Their Sense Of HUMOR

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Humor……it’s a dog’s life and ours.  Humor and health go hand in hand.  Especially for people and their dogs.  The health benefits of humor have included reduced stress and blood pressure, diminished heart disease, improved immune system, and better brainpower.  Also, isn’t it just fun to watch your dog and LAUGH or SMILE? Beyond food and shelter, sharing humor with our dog(s) is our best tool for achieving happiness. A JRT’s sense of humor is always so demonstrative.  Here are some ways to see your dog’s humor.

JRT’S Love To Smile.

If you see JRT’s “smiling” with all their teeth bared, that’s their warning signal that means, “Hey, back off.” However, dogs are known to be very observant and learn patterns. So, when you reward your dog for “smiling” in the form of treats, belly rubs, or even just general excitement and happiness, they learn that every time they perform that submissive expression, they get rewarded for it.  Over time, your JRT’s smiles may actually indicate genuine happiness or contentment, as in his mind, he’s created the association between smiling and getting rewarded for it.

JRT’S Talk To Us.

Your JRT communicates with you in a variety of ways, though you may not always realize that he is speaking to you. Below you will find a brief explanation of some of the most common ways that dogs communicate with their owners.

  • Face Licking: One of the most common behaviors dogs show affection for their owners by licking their hands and faces. This behavior is most commonly exhibited by puppies, but some dogs carry it into adulthood.
  • Head Turning: When you approach your dog, does he look at you or turn his head away? When dogs approach each other, they typically do so in a roundabout way so the other dog will not feel threatened – they approach in an arc (not a straight line) and avoid eye contact. If your dog turns his head away from you it may be because he is overwhelmed or uncertain of your intentions. To help your dog understand that you don’t intend him any harm you can offer back a head turn of your own or yawn and sigh.
  • Yawning: Dogs yawn when they are tired just like humans but yawning can have a second meaning as well. In many cases, yawning is an indication that your dog is nervous or uncertain – licking the lips is another sign of nervousness.
  • Whale Eye: When a dog shows the whites of his eyes it is sometimes referred to as “whale eye” or half-moon eye. When a dog exhibits this behavior it is often a sign of nervousness – if your dog exhibits this behavior in response to something you are doing, you may need to back off or reassure him.
  • Crotch Sniffing: It can be embarrassing when your JRT trots up to your house guest and sticks his nose directly in their crotch. This is a natural behavior for a dog and a method he uses to seek out information – your body produces pheromones which your dog uses to identify your sex, age, health and mood.
  • Whining: While dogs can whine for different reasons, one of the most common reasons is that they want your attention. If your dog doesn’t normally whine, a sudden increase in whining could be his way of telling you that something is wrong. In other cases, whining may be an excited greeting or a sign of anxiety.

JRT’S Swipe Stuff.

Terrier thievery, like keep-away and hide-away, are fun enough for the dog without any human reaction. Watching the human react – searching, swearing – now, that’s FUN!  When your dog steals something, he wants to take possession of the object for any number of reasons. He may want to play with it, because he views the object as a toy. Clothing, shoes and children’s toys are favorite items for canine kleptomaniacs. These dogs may enjoy hiding it, tearing it or just tossing it around. When a JRT takes something that is not his, he does not know that he is stealing.  But he does know that he will get a reaction. And that reaction could possibly lead to some FUN!

JRT’S Dance.

Joy, amusement, delight, glee and merriment all inspire some dogs to stand up on their back legs and shake their booties. It’s not like they line dance or to the Cha Cha, but they throw their front paws up, bounce about on their back ones, and do an occasional shimmy. Small dogs like JRT’s, especially the wiry ones, seem to be the most dance prone, and when their people get a kick out of it, they usually light up, grin and put more energy into it. There’s nothing like the exchange of humor between man and a dancing Jack.

JRT’S Are Silly.

Is there anything JRT’s love more than being the center of attention? (Well, besides chasing squirrels, rabbits and other vermin.) So, why not dress your up your Jack? (You know your dog’s personality, ONLY if he is willing). He’s sure to receive tons of positive, loving attention from you and anyone he comes across. Dressing up your JRT is time spent together, and he will relish it.

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