March’s JRT Of The Month!

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We received a short story from owner Mary Lennon Arafeh describing her unique JRT experience – and little Thumper is now our JRT of the month!

“One time, many years ago, my little daughter found a stray JRT at a park. I only took it home because no one was claiming it. He shed so much hair during the 5 min ride home from the park it was ridiculous. Then he went to the bathroom in the garage. And when I put him in the yard I looked out and he was jumping up and down maniacally at the back patio door.

I said then, to myself and aloud, “I will never have one of those. That’s just insane.” We found the owner and they were reunited. Fast forward like four years and guess who we welcomed into the home? A JRT named Thumper.

He jumps up and down, has crazy zoomies, sheds like a I don’t know what and is the absolute best thing ever. When I see that video of a bunch of them my heart just melts. Adorable. They are the BEST dogs ever. I just avoid black clothing.”

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