Picture Perfect Parsons

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Jack Russell Terriers & Parson Terriers are two breeds that come from the same ancestor, but differ in a few characteristics… Meet these adorable Parsons and learn a few things you didn’t know about their breed!

Parson’s are on average taller & slightly bigger than JRTs.

Three adorable Parsons!

Meet this adorable Parson, Boris from Berlin!

Parson’s have more of a square body, while the JRT has a rectangular body.

The late Bud. ❤️

Adorable little Milo!

The Parson was distinguished as its own breed in 2003!

Adorable little Blanca!

What a sweet face!

Parsons are just as energetic & full of life as JRTs!

Oliver in action!

Another adorable Parson, Goblin!

Their personality is described as, “friendly, bold, intelligent, & independent!”

Two cuties sunbathing!

Finnigan and Grover, two picture perfect Parsons!

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