Standing Ovation For JRTs

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These 12 JRTs are showing off their best “standing” skills and for animals who typically walk on all four legs… they do pretty well!

Belle giving her best puppy eyes while showing off how she stands!

“Billy stands on his rear legs to get to the Apples!”

“My JRT thinks she’s a Meerkat! 😂”

Twiggy showing off an adorable outfit!

“Bella on Christmas eve looking for her Christmas dinner!”

Maggie just checking out where she’s going! (Don’t worry – the car is parked😊)

Just trying to get the best view – A JRT can never miss the action!

“We taught Olly ‘sit pretty,’ now whenever we eat he does it through the whole meal, even when we say to stop!”

“Maisie doing her meerkat impression in the Lake District”

“Reggie the kangaroo!”

Typical JRT – On high alert at all times!

Gotta stand to see that awesome view!

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