These JRTs Wear Their Hearts On Their Fur

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If you thought you couldn’t love JRTs any more than you already do, you might be wrong! Check out these 12 JRTs who have adorable heart-shaped spots…

Little Ceci all cozied up showing off her heart!

A nice reminder of their love every time they sit on you!

Sissy has a small heart on her ear!

Jessie getting some sun on the heart on her back!

This little one’s face makes a near perfect heart!

Piper and her long haired heart!

Two snuggle buddies, and one with a heart on their bum!

Jack’s back has a cute heart!

What a sweet photo of this little one’s heart!

Ozzy has a big heart on his back & is having some fun with his brother!

The late Maggie had the most beautiful heart!

A little heart-shaped ear!

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