Who Saved Who? Our Precious JRT Rescues!

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Dogs can really be found just about anywhere. You can find them outside walking with their owners, at the park, your neighbor’s house, anywhere! And this means that they are easy to adopt. But there is one place that many people overlook when looking for pups. Shelters. But we are here to tell you that there are SO many dogs who need to be adopted from these shelters. And a lot of them are our JRT friends because of their hyper and guarded reputation. And they are all sweethearts that just need loving homes! If you are looking to adopt a dog, no matter the breed, check out your local shelter first!

So here are a few of our JRT friends who were in shelters, but have since been rescued and brought home. This makes our hearts so happy, and we hope it does the same for you!


Here is precious Lucy, who is so thankful to have found her forever home!


No one wanted Roxy because of her injured leg, but look at that face! So glad she found a home.


These two were rescued from a shelter, and now are loved more than anything!


Scooby may have had a bad eye and digestive issues, but that didn’t keep his family from falling in love with him!


Cami was a rescue, and now rules the house!


From the dark shelter cell to the great outdoors and sunshine!


Silly was found at the shelter, and now that she’s home, she’s never been sillier!


Now that Elliot is home, his family can’t imagine their lives without him!


Such a happy rescue dog!


Daisey was a stray, but not any longer! Now she gets to live in a wonderful home!


Danny was in two kennels, now gets to stay in one loving home!


Lola loves her new family with all of her heart!


Jack and Bela were both rescued from a shelter, and now get to live their best lives together!


Trey now gets to spend his Christmas at home instead of a shelter!


Mocha is now full of joy since she’s been home!

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