10 Adorable JRTs Who Need Some Extra Love

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Some dogs may require more attention and love than others due to illnesses, physical or mental disabilities, or other impairments such as blindness or deafness. These 10 JRTs have owners that love and care for them despite anything and will go above and beyond for their pups!

1. Rocco

“This is Rocco. My blind 11 year old Jack Russell. He’s slowing down with age and the blindness, but he is still as loving and sweet as he’s always been.”

2. Pippo

“I have one cutie JRT with congenital heart disease (3 valves leak and 1 septal defect) but she is healthy and active now and I wish she will be fine as long as possible. Her name is Pippo.”

3. Sweet little girl.

“My sweet girl is blind. She had Congenital Retinal Degeneration four years ago and had to have her eyes removed. She is happy, healthy, and well adjusted!”

4. Molly

“My little sweetheart Molly who is going thru CCD, or basically doggy dementia.”

5. Dutchess

“My baby Duchess is deaf. She is so smart, you would never know!”

6. Belle

“My Belle, 4 yr old and has cancer which has just come back she had been in remission 3 and half months. She has lymphoma cancer. It’s spread to her bloods, Liver, spleen and abdomen.”

7. Abby

“Our 3 legged sweet Pea, Abby!”

8. Bobby

“Bobby has been blind most of his life. He is also deaf now in one ear and suffers from pulmonary hypertension. None of this stops him from being a typical JRT. It just means he does it a bit slower than some.”

9. Vern

“Vern is 8, he has a stress disorder called compulsive tail chasing disorder it’s like ocd. It caused him to mutilate his tail last year and had to have it amputated. He will be medicated and in this collar forever. If we remove it he spins immediately.”

10. Sweet little boy

“This sweet boy has has idiopathic epilepsy. He is our ❤️❤️❤️. He is 14.5 years old and almost deaf and his eyesight is poor.”

Thank you to all wonderful owners who submitted pictures and captions via Facebook!

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