12 Excited JRTs Exploring For A New Place To Play

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JRTs are pretty well known for their curiosity and sense of adventure. Here are our favorite adorable pups finding some cool new places to play!

“One step at a time!”

“Not sure how I got up here, but check out this view!”

“Oh man… are we lost?”

“Conquering these hills one step at a time!”

“We’re awfully far from home, but it’s so pretty here!”

“Wait… how do I get out of here?”

“Check out this view!”

“It took two of us… but we climbed this huge rock!”

“Is that a fish or an underwater squirrel?!”

“This whole beach is just for me!”

“Hang on… something fishy is going on here!”

“At the end of a long adventure, sitting back and watching the sunset with my human is just the best!”


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