15 Things All Jack Russell Owners Must Never Forget

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Going along with being a Jack Russell owner there are some things to expect. Whether it’s good or bad we love them endlessly.

1. Don’t get upset when I am overly excited when you get home.

2. Give me some time to figure out what you are asking.

3. Give me your trust.

4. Don’t stay mad at me.

5. Don’t keep me outside when the weather is bad.

6. Talk to me whenever you can.

7. Comfort me when I am scared.

8. I will always remember how you treat me.

9. Come outside with me.

10. Let me make some new friends.

11. Give me treats to reward me.

12. Show me your world.

13. Teach me new things.

14. Let me get dirty occasionally.

15. Love me unconditionally and forever…..

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