20+ JRTs Striking a Pose

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Do you ever get the feeling your dog is mugging for the camera? I mean, come on. They have to be doing that on purpose! We think so, too. Here are some of our favorite pics of Jacks hamming it up.

Pose #1: Getting Their Human On

This Jack looks like they’re ready to do your taxes. And who knows? Maybe they are. Or maybe they just want to look clever for all their friends.

Abbey is ready for her close-up, Mr. De Mille. Or perhaps she’s waiting for the butler to bring her tea on the verandah. Either way, it’s a classy pose for a classy lady.

“Can you get me a bone while you’re at it? Thanks.”

“Paint me like you paint your French Poodle Girls.”

Pose #2: The Head Tilt

Chester puts an adorable spin on one of the quintessential JRT poses. Look at those ears!

After all these years, Grover, age 12 and Finnegan, age 13, have the two-fer head tilt down pat.

Mr. Scruff is thinking about how best to address the issue with the carburetor.

Pose #3: The Belly Shot

When a dog exposes its belly, that’s the ultimate expression of trust. How can we not love the belly shot?

Katie looks absolutely blissed out. Sweet dreams, Katie!

Tummies roasting by an open fire…a Jack Russell nipping at your nose….

Is there anything sweeter than a baby belly? This is Maisey.

Pose #4: The Outdoor Adventure Shot

Lots of Jacks love a good outdoor romp. And they can’t help but look heroic while doing it!

We’ll have a couple Jacks on the rocks, please.

Climb every mountain….

Two Jacks are better than one — especially when it comes to Team Fetch! Meet Dorothy and Cake.

Milo wants to know if the beach counts as an outdoor adventure. You bet it does, Milo!

This might not be an outdoors shot, strictly, but it’s definitely an action shot!

Pose #5: Packs of Jacks

For a lot of us, JRTs are like potato chips. Why stop at just one? And getting the whole family into the picture is a classic shot.

This pack is ready to go for a drive. What about you?

Here’s a puppy pack. Looks like it comes in economy size!

Here’s a pack of older pups. They look like the best kind of trouble!

Pose #6: The Naughty Shot

Every dog gets a bit naughty from time to time. But how can you get angry when they look so stinkin’ cute doing it?

Be careful. Looks like Bella has been picking pockets!

Bonnie may not have been naughy yet, but she’s definitely thinking about it.

And then there’s this guy. Captain of the Squeaker Removal Team.

So Many Jacks, So Little Time

What are your pup’s favorite poses?

Featured Image: Public Domain, by Franz Golhen, via Wikimedia Commons

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