20+ Names For Your Dog Inspired By Movies

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These 25 movie-inspired dog names will give you a ton of inspiration for your next fur-baby!

  • Samantha (I Am Legend)
  • Copper (The Fox And The Hound)
  • Skipper (My Dog Skip)
  • Bull (Lady and the Tramp)
  • Slink (Toy Story)
  • Bolt (Bolt)
  • Toto (The Wizard of Oz)
  • Odie (Garfield)
  • Tito (Oliver and Company)
  • Milo (The Mask)
  • Stitch (Lilo & Stitch)
  • Hercules (The Sandlot)
  • Bruno (Cinderella)
  • Einstein (Back to the Future)
  • Fang (Harry Potter)
  • Barney (Gremlins)
  • Rex (Babe)
  • Chance (Homeward Bound)
  • Wishbone (Wishbone)
  • Bruiser (Legally Blonde)
  • Patch (The 101 Dalmatians)
  • Sparky (Frankenweenie)
  • Zero (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • Lady (Lady and the Tramp)
  • Frank (Men in Black)

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