5 Easy Ways To Tell If Your Dog Isn’t Getting Enough Exercise

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Just like humans, dogs need a balance of a healthy diet and plenty of exercise to stay at their best both physically and mentally. The amount of exercise your individual dog will need depends on a variety of factors like their size, weight, breed, etc. If you are worried that your dog may not be getting enough exercise, here are some signs to look for!

1. Hyperactivity

If you notice your dog seems to be more and more full of energy, is more restless at night, or even pacing near you while you’re doing everyday activities like watching TV or doing paperwork – these could be signs that they are not getting enough exercise. If they are bored, they will usually try to let you know, so if you notice your dog doing any of these excessively, consider taking them for longer walks or taking them to the park more.

2. Weight Gain

This is probably the most obvious out of all the signs of your dog not getting enough exercise. It happens a lot in older dogs as they slow down, but if you notice your dog is gaining weight, maybe try boosting their exercise routine with more time spent playing games outside along with adjusting their diet to be sure they aren’t overeating.

3. Being Overly Destructive

Another sign of boredom or lack of exercise is being overly destructive. Dogs are often the most destructive when they have a lot of pent up energy to release, so if your dog is destroying more toys, shoes, clothes, etc. than usual, you may want to consider playing more games with them and taking them on runs.

4. Acting withdrawn

You may notice your dog start to act withdrawn, sluggish, or uninterested in all the toys, food, treats, etc. they used to be. This can be a sign of not having enough exercise in their routine. Just like with humans, exercise increases not only your physical health, but your mental health too, and without it dogs can be more susceptible to feeling “down.” Getting them outside more in general is an easy way to combat these emotions.

5. Excess Barking

Along with hyperactivity and being overly destructive, if your dog is barking more than usual at small things or nothing at all – it can be a sign of boredom. A dog telling you they’re bored may also mean that they need more exercise! Taking them for longer walks, or out to do activities more often is a good way to ensure that they will be worn out and not bored.

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