5 Fun In The Sun Warm Weather Activities For Dogs

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Rather than being bored, plan some fun activities you can take your dog to this summer or when the weather gets warmer. Here are six of our favorite fun warm weather adventures both you and your dog can enjoy.

Backyard Water Park

If your dog loves swimming or water in general, turn on your hose in your backyard and maybe grab a sprinkler if you don’t have a pool on a hot day! Both you and your dog can splash around and cool off while having lots of fun.

Doggy Dinner Date

Many restaurants that have patios open them up as soon as the weather gets warm. Ask your local restaurants if they allow dogs on their patios and you and your furry friend can enjoy a night out on the town!

Beach Day

There are many different beaches that allow dogs during certain seasons or all the time! You should only take your dog to the beach if they are well trained and should provide lots of sun protection for them, too!

Go Camping

Taking your dog camping can be very fun for both of you! There are a variety of different campsites that allow dogs and will help you accommodate.

Make Frozen Dog Treats

There are a variety of different frozen treat recipes that you can make for both you and your dog to enjoy. Your dog may like anything from “pup-sicles” or even flavored ice cubes.

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