5 Words To Describe a JRT

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If you own or have met a Jack Russell Terrier, you know they have an endless amount of words to describe them – we narrowed it down to five!


JRTs have a big personality, but they’re most known to be energetic, fun-loving pups! They are used to chasing and hunting, and therefore never quit when they are on a mission. Make sure if you decide to own a JRT, you are ready to play a lot!


These dogs may be full of energy, but they are also extremely intelligent! They are hunters and know what to look for and what to follow to catch their target. They can learn tricks and commands easily, as long as you train them starting from a young age!


Being natural hunters, JRTs are always alert and ready to make a move! Going along with their high energy, you will find them by your side always ready to do the next thing!


JRTs are used to leading the hunt, and therefore can be very stubborn with listening! Training that is begun early is more effective so they can learn to be less single-minded.


Being energetic, alert, and intelligent are traits of a very hard-working dog! Again since the JRT is a hunter by nature, it is used to always following through a hunt and therefore is very determined. This is a dog you can depend on! (If they’re not being too stubborn that is…)

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