Best Food For JRTs

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JRTs are a lively, high energy breed of dog that are known for having a strong personality. The food they eat must be able to support their active lifestyle and keep them healthy!

How Much?

JRTs usually weigh anywhere between 13-17 pounds, but it varies. Depending on your dogs size the number of calories they need to stay healthy will vary as well, but it should be about 25-30 calories per pound. This would be around 450-650 calories per day, but their activity level should weigh into this as well. Puppies require more (around 800-900) because of how much and how quickly they grow! Divide the amount of food they need into meals; about 2-3 per day. This ensures proper digestion.

What kind?

The food they eat should be crunchy but high quality to keep their teeth clean. The texture helps fight plaque and buildup. Their meals should be high protein, and therefore high energy. Avid food groups are also important, like wheat and corn. Check the ingredients on your bag of food, and always be sure to check with a vet or professional to see what they recommend.

Don’t Forget Water

All dogs, just like us humans, need water consistently. Because JRTs are so active, they especially need to have a constant supply to replenish themselves!

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