6 Examples Of What Life Would Be Like If Dogs Didn’t Exist

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Dogs are the most popular pet in the world and make great companions for all kind of people. If you are a dog owner, or even considering getting a new dog, you may wonder from time to time – what would life be like if dogs weren’t around?

Less dog hair everywhere!

Dog hair can be a real problem for pet owners and may even make some people reconsider getting a dog altogether. A world without dogs would mean less hair, but you’re also giving up a faithful companion for life!

No more dog licks and nose prints all over your windows

Dogs are notorious for leaving marks wherever they go, especially when that place is easily imprint-able, like glass! A world without dogs may mean cleaner glass, but it also means no more puppy nose marks left as a reminder of your furry friend who loves you!

You can walk around the backyard barefoot again!

We’re pretty sure we all know what this means… if you don’t have a dog, then you don’t have to clean up any messes that may be left in your yard! Some owners may see this as a “negative” side to owning a dog, but responsible owners know that this is just what comes along with the job of being a puppy-parent!

Less scratches on your legs, furniture, floors, etc.

Dog nails can be long and sharp, and your body, furniture, floors, and more can suffer because of that. A world without dogs would mean less scratches on all these things, but some may see this as a way of giving character to your home! Without a dog, those marks wouldn’t be there, but the memories wouldn’t be either.

You wouldn’t have a constant cuddle buddy

A world without dogs means more lonely people! A lot of people consider their dogs their best friend and they can be a source of comfort and even aid in calming anxiety in their owners. Without them, the people who would typically have them to cuddle with when they need someone wouldn’t have that anymore.

Enjoying the outdoors wouldn’t be the same

Going outside is a freeing experience, but when you do it with a dog you get to see it from a new perspective! Your dog sees the outdoors as endless opportunity to explore, be it new smells, new dogs, or new people. Life without dogs would make enjoying the outdoors not feel quite the same anymore

So why choose the world with dogs?

Dogs are mans best friend. Almost all dog owners will tell you that they love their dogs like they’re their own children! A world without dogs may prevent some of the annoying tasks that life throws at us, but it also would mean no more furry friends running around and keeping us entertained and feeling loved. If I had to chose a world with or without dogs, I would ALWAYS choose the world with dogs – no matter what!

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