7 Ways You Didn’t Know Dogs Can Change Your Life

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Considering adopting a new dog or getting a pet for the first time? Here are 7 ways you may not have known in which dogs can change your life – for the better!

1. Get ready to meet a whole lot of new people!

Dogs keep you more active for sure, but they also mean meeting other new dog-friends, and their humans! Dogs love to be social and typically get excited when they see other dogs and new people. This is also a great way for you to meet other people!

2. You get a whole new schedule

When you get a new dog you will find that their schedule will quickly become your schedule! This could mean random middle of the night barking, 6am wakeup calls because they need to go outside, or even going outside in whatever kind of weather. Planning your vacations, work hours, or even your everyday routine will now revolve around your dog.

3. An active pet means a more active you!

Dogs are full of energy and need lots of time outdoors and plenty of exercise! If you get a dog, this means you are much more likely to spend time outdoors or taking your dog for walks.

4. You stay in more

A new dog may cause you to be more active than you would typically be, but they can also cause you to stay in more than usual. If you work a full time job and they are left alone often, leaving them at night to go out for dinner, a movie, etc. may not seem as important anymore. Your dog becomes your main priority when you take on the responsibility of becoming a pet-parent!

5. You learn to forgive and forget pretty quickly!

Dogs love to test your patience, especially puppies that are just learning where they belong in your life. While they may have accidents, destroy some things, or don’t listen to what they’re told, they usually make up for it pretty quickly by doing something super adorable. And how are you possibly supposed to stay mad at something so cute!?

6. Brand new, unconditional love

Getting to add a new member to your family is always a fun and exciting time, but it can be scary too. Gaining a new pet is like gaining a new best friend! Dogs are loyal and loving and will love you no matter what!

7. You’ll find yourself smiling more!

Dogs naturally make us feel more relaxed and carefree, probably because thats typically how they act as well! Having a dog around is likely to bring more laugher and smiles into your life, along with a lifelong pal!

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