A Pack of Jacks and their Big BFFs

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“You don’t like that? Well, maybe you’d like to take it up with my big friend!”

We all know the stereotype: the mouthy little guy who picks fights that his soft-hearted, mountain-sized buddy has to get him out of. Does it happen in the dog world?

A lot of Jack Russells seem to have big BFFs — big enough to match the Jack’s big personality. And a lot of owners will swear that in their case, at least, it’s the Jack who holds the reins.

Is that how it is in your household?

I Spy

This big fella definitely knows what bit him. But perhaps they don’t quite know what to do about it. Oh, well, when in doubt, lie still and take your lickin’ like a good boy.

Not So Small Fry

Who do you think is going to end up with the fries? My money’s on one of the JRTs.

Brothers From Another Mother

They may not look like sibs, but their owner says they’re just like two peas in a pod. Can’t you see the family resemblance?

A White Wolf

Paco and Ahri are another perfectly matched pair.

Someone’s at the Window

Jessie’s BFF is a slightly larger black spaniel named Oscar.

Of Course, Of Course

This little Jack’s BFF is a horse. Looks like tiny Willow has that horse broken, tamed, and ready for the trail.

A Plush Ride

This Jack doesn’t want to go to the trouble of getting all the way up on a horse. When it comes to a ride, they prefer a tame Golden.

Big Russell, Small Russell

This shorty Jack’s big BFF is a Parson Russell Terrier. It’s amazing how two such closely related dogs can look so different!

Their Faithful Hound

This pair of Jacks has a loyal hound to look after them.


This Jack and their fluffy friend have been best buds for fifteen years. That’s 73 years in dog time!

Every Relationship Has its Wrinkles

Butch’s best friend is a Shar Pei. Every relationship has its wrinkles — some, perhaps a few more than others.

Hound? Found!

Zoey and Gunner. Despite their similar coloring, they really are just BFFs.

A Fluffy Friend

Amos and Ace, fluff and grace.

Lab Results

No one’s going to mess with this wee pupper when their buddy is on the case!

A Lifeguard

Don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen. Oi! Stop splashing!

We Know Whose Bed it Really Is

Come on, Alba, give it up. That’s way too much bed for a little pup. Yours is over…oh, your friend doesn’t mind? Ok, then.

Like Salt and Pupper

A lot of Jacks seem to have labs as their big BFFs. These two seem especially well suited!


Roscoe has the best bodyguard possible — an enormous German Shepherd! Maybe “buddyguard” is a better term.

Another Lab

Really? Yip. And we know who’s the boss and who’s the footstool.

Caption This Picture

Holly and Sparky look as different as different can be. But look closely, and you can see the love. And that’s what counts!

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