A Pack of Jacks Getting Their Naughty On

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Of the many adjectives we can use to describe the Jack Russell Terrier, “docile” and “obedient” don’t naturally come to mind. In fact, sometimes our furry friends can be quite naughty! But seriously, who can stay mad when they’re just so dang cute?

#1: A Case of the Munchies

Someone has eaten this poor Westie’s ball. Who could it be? If you ask me, Buddy the Jack Russell Terrier doesn’t look a bit sorry. Chip the Westie was happy to rat on his doggy brother, but he can’t seem to get up the gumption to do anything about it.

#2 Plumber’s…Helper?

Pepper just wants to help his Doggy Daddy build a pond in the back garden. He doesn’t seem to understand that attacking the pump isn’t exactly Dad’s idea of “help.”

#3: A Jack Attack!

At just 10 weeks old, little Max is already turning out to be quite a stealthy hunter!

#4 It Runs in the Family

In this video, Jessey is teaching her pups the Way of the Jack Russell. Jessey’s owner said this was the scene every day for two months.

#5: Now, What’s He Chewing On?

10-month-old Max tests everything in his environment. Or should we say he taste-tests it?

#6 Where Do the Batteries Go?

Moxie the rescue Jack is…energetic to say the least. This video shows exactly how energetic. The cat is unimpressed.

#7: Hiding Behind Closed Doors

Check out what Ari does when her owner catches her in a naughty moment.

#8: Home Alone

A secret camera captures the Christmastime trouble these two Jacks get into when their owner is away.

#9 A Temper Tantrum

This 11-year-old Jack Russell is…displeased about something, and knows how to show it!

#10: Jack Russell Terrier vs. Balloons

That’s just one of the Silly Jack Tricks in this compilation!

Naughty or Nice?

Some dogs are just made for trouble, and life with a Jack Russell is always an adventure. But seriously, all things considered these guys could be getting up to a lot worse.

What’s your best Naughty Dog moment?

Featured Image CC BY 2.0, by Amanda Kae’s Photoz, via Flickr

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