Amazing Acrobatic Jack Russell Terriers

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JRT’s are entertainers who often perform gymnastic feats.  Sometimes they just move in ways where we have to scratch our heads and laugh. Is your Jack Russell Terrier an acrobat or even a contortionist?  Take a look at these amazing dogs and all of their special moves.


“And for our next trick, my puppy will jump and balance on my back.”



“I can fit myself inside this bowl.”



“I am just going to help myself!”


Miro is going to get what he needs!


“Being BALANCED is the key to a good life.”


Performing tricks in the woods.


“If I poke a little further I am sure to get this rabbit.”



Milo is jumping high for joy in the snow.



Just another day of parachuting with my mom.



Charley learning how to ride this skateboard.



“When I do this trick, I get a treat!”



“Last one in is a rotten egg!” – Rusty



“Ta – Dahhhhh”


“Downward Dog is my favorite yoga position.”





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